The Shocking Reason Why Siblings Squabble Over Inheritance And How To Prevent It

Recently I witnessed a friend become embroiled in an ugly inheritance battle with his siblings. The decades long simmering battle took front and center when the patriarch of the family passed on leaving a sizable estate, a wife with memory loss and three acrimonious adult children.

While still alive the dad, without consulting a physician, diagnosed his wife with Alzheimers. With this in mind, and having argued with my friend, he chose to leave his estate and authority over his wife’s care in the hands of his other two children. These covetous two, now executors of the estate, sprung into action. Within 14 days of their father’s passing they nefariously moved their mother into a senior care facility, put a lock box on the family home and called a RE agent to represent the sale of this multi-million dollar property.

My friend was left with the responsibility to prove his mother’s mental capacity and honor her lifestyle wishes. After a pricey legal and mental competency battle his mom is finally back in her home and able to independently mandate how HER money is spent. The three adult children are not speaking to each other.

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