Hospital staff did not see bodybuilder Luke Wood’s notes, inquest into his death hears

An inquest, which began yesterday, will determine if “adequate treatment” was provided to the 35-year-old.

His fiancée Nora Haddad and her family said outside the court that Mr Wood should not have been discharged and claim he was sent home due to a bed shortage while covered in unusual black bruises. Mr Wood, a promising junior rugby league player who retired from professional body building in 2009, received the donated kidney a month after going on the waiting list.

The six-time Australian champion took part in a US body building event at the invitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The inquest heard yesterday that his body began to show signs of rejecting the kidney within four days of the operation on August 20, and he returned to the hospital’s emergency room on August 31 with severe abdominal pain. He died in the operating theatre during emergency surgery about 11:40pm that night.

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