Canadian Couple Accidentally Give Birth In USA

Canadian couple gave birth to their baby boy while attending a wedding in San Diego

Giving birth, there is nothing like it. Never will you love someone or something as much as you love your child. Mike and Ashley dreamed about what their child would look like, how they would adore it and how it would make them whole. What they did not plan for his a huge hospital bill that almost led them to being homeless.
At eight months pregnant, Ashley and Mike decided to attend a friends wedding in San Diego for two days. They figured two days is sunny la jolla cove would be a relaxing mini vacation before conceiving their child. What they didn’t know is during those two days their baby Aden would be born.
Unfortunately they did not know the costs associated with giving a birth in the US as well. Their bill was over $50,000 and their Canadian insurance provider was not able to help them.
Mike and Ashley even with a insane high medical bill could not be happier. When asked Mike about how he feels he stated “i’d give up my life for my son so downsizing on the size of our house is a win.”
No matter how difficult the situation it seems optimism heels all wounds.
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